11 Inch Folding Clothes Hanger Rod

$ 38.49

FastFold Clothes-HangerRod   11 inch

A high-quality, good looking fixture for your beautiful home, office or hotel.

FastFold Rod is a handsome piece of hardware for hanging applications at home or camp, RV or boat cabin.

Rod “Clicks” into position, up or down, and stays there!

Load specification is 18 pounds (8.2kg) dead weight at 11-inch tip and 30 pounds distributed evenly over length of rod (assumes adequate mounting/installation).

Made in the US as a heavy duty, durable home fixture. Tough as they come, yet looks great!

Works like a temporary closet rod to hold hangers with clothes.   Down when needed, Up when not needed. All the while, looking good—attractive and high quality—in either position.

Also available in 8 and 14 inch lengths.

Flat Rate Shipping is via US Postal Service-same price to all zip codes.  7.95 any quantity/size combination.

In your Guestroom: For overnight guests, fold down rod and place 9 or 10 hangers on it. Your guests will enjoy the ease of organizing their garments and adding some freshness out of their luggage.

For Ironing: When it’s time to iron, fold down FastFold Rodto conveniently hang ironed clothing. When finished, FFR folds up out of the way until next time.

In the Laundry: After a load of wash, hang the wettest, heaviest items on hangers overnight. Next day, finish dry to fluff and get the lint off.   Saves real money on energy, saves wear and tear on clothing.

In the Bedroom: Using hangers, let lightly used clothing air out overnight before putting back in the closet. Ventilates clothing allowing it to stay fresher, longer.

At Camp, in the RV or a Boat cabin: Anywhere space is at a premium, FFR lets you maximize the space you have. When you’re done using it just fold it upright until it’s needed again.

Dozens of other uses and applications.

100% Stainless Steel—Rugged, Strong and Durable yet looks great!

Easy to install. Simple instructions and helpful suggestions included.

Comes with Stainless screws (for wood) of assorted lengths and correct pilot drill bit.

Strong and well-made for years of convenience.

Overall length is 11 inches. Mounting plate, 3-5/8” by 1-1/4”. Rod is 3/8 diameter with positive-grip top surface.

May be located anywhere with suitable mounting strength. Primary location suggestion, for use with hangers, is 3 to 6 inches below the user's highest overhead reach.