Take A Look... 3 Versatile Lengths of FASTFOLD Rod!

    FastFold Rods  are an


    Folding  Utility  Rod 

    Folding Clothes Rod

    Strong, handsome 100% Stainless Steel hardware for a wide range of hanging applications at home, office, camp, RV or boat cabin. 

    Available in 14, 11 and 8 - inch lengths.

    Rod "Clicks" into position, up or down. 

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    Works like a temporary closet rod to hold hangers with clothes-or whatever else is needed.   Down when needed, Up when not needed. All the while, looking good—attractive and high quality—in either position.

    Made in the US as a heavy duty, durable commercial and home fixture.

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    Please email to: customercare@fastfoldrod.com      Your comments and questions are welcome anytime!